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Video Equipment

Video/Data LCD Projectors

LCD Projector and Screen
LCD Projectors for Video presentations from Computer or DVD Video.
Multiple Projectors can be connected and use with multiple screens.

Please see LCD Projectors for more information.
Click here for LCD Projector Package details.
Click here to verify your Computer Connection.

Da-Lite Projection Screens
• Tripod Screens, 4'x4', 6'x6' or 8'x8' (Tripod Screens are matte white Picture King Model)

DVD Video Player
• Use with LCD Monitors or LCD Projector.
• Audio output may be connected to sound system for quality sound.

TVS: Turner Video Services - Escondido, CA

Audio Equipment

TVS Sound System Packages

Systems consist of Amplifier, Speakers, 4ch. Mic. Mixer, Microphone w/cord, Stands & Cables.
• 250 Watt System has (2) Ramsa WSA80 Speakers, for approx. 150 people
• 500 Watt System has (2) Ramsa WSA200 Speakers, for approx. 300 people
• 1000 Watt System has (4) Ramsa WSA200 Speakers, for approx. 500 people

TVS Sound System Package with Amplifier, Speakers, Mixer
 Typical Sound System Applications
• Wireless Lapel or Hand-Held Microphones for Business Meetings.
• Wireless Lapel Microphone for the Minister at a Wedding Ceremony.
• Podium Microphone
• Connect an iPod, CD Player or Play Computer Audio Files.
• Music and Microphones for Parties, Wedding Receptions and Meetings.
• Multiple Table Microphones for Discussion Groups.
• Use along with LCD Projector for quality high impact sound.
• Any Public Address Application.

* NOTE: We DO NOT rent our Sound Systems, Speakers or Amplifiers for DJ use.

• Hand-Held Corded
• Wireless Microphone, Lapel (clip-on to shirt or tie)
• Wireless Microphone, Hand-Held (carry or place on a stand)
• Wireless Microphone, Headset w/boom (more visible than Lapel but better quality)

Note: (Microphones operate with connection to a Sound System audio input or Mixer input)

Audio Mixers
• For connecting a number of microphones or other audio devices to a sound system or recording device.
• The number of inputs can typically range from 4 to 24 channels.

Various Audio
• Amplified Speaker, 25 watt, speaker sound system for small rooms.
• Equalizer, for use with sound systems to minimize acoustic feedback.
• Compressor/Limiter, for use with sound systems to automatically control sound level.
• iPod and Computer Audio Connection Cable.
• Podium, Van San, motorized height adjustable with built in light and clock/timer.

TVS: Turner Video Services - Escondido, CA

LCD Projectors


LCD Projector Package
For LCD Package Information

To see if your Computer
can connect to our LCD Projectors

LCD Projectors display images from Computers and Video devices such as DVD players and Cameras. Approximate examples of screen sizes would be: 6' wide for a group of 75 people, 8' wide for 150 people and 12' wide for about 300 people. The most common application for the Projector is a Business Presentation from a Computer running software such as PowerPoint. Other possibilities include a Video Presentation from a DVD, a live TV sporting event, or a Video Camera directed at a Podium. Project your Computer Slide Show or Video at a Business Meeting, Wedding Reception or Party.

When connecting computers to the projector the maximum resolution of the computer and projector should be considered. Typical Projector resolutions are 1024x768 (xga) or 1280x1024 (sxga).

The light intensity of the projected image is measured in Lumens. The brightness for a low cost projector is about 2000 Lumens.  Higher end projectors usually have about 3000 to 10000 Lumens. If you want to leave some room lights on during your presentation you should typically use a projector with a minimum of 3000 Lumens brightness.

It should be noted that the audio output quality of an LCD Projector is very limited. The built-in audio speakers are very small and an additional Sound System may be required for projecting computer and video sources that have audio requirements.





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